A Period of Flourishing Arts and Antiques - The Qing Dynasty

M&P Strait Chinese Famille Rose Teabowls
Item Code: ABS1134
Period: Qing Dynasty
Conditions: Very Good ~Excellent
Measurement: Teabowl-D-8cm,H-5cm
Price: N/A
Status: Sold-Thanks to Australia!!!
Extra: 1,2
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2 set of very good condition and beautiful Strait Chinese famille rose teabowl with brown slip at rim while the external decorated by lotus,peony,pemogranates,lily,peach and pheonix. Tongzhi mark and period piece.

One has a 0.5cm hairline at rim while the other has 2 hairline of 1cm at rim. No others defect noted. In fact, the above motif are very common on nyonya ware but hard to find in such condition as it was a daily serving ware instead of collection piece in olden day.

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